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Sun Control

It goes without saying that the reason we love entertaining outdoors - sunny Australian weather - can also be the biggest impediment to enjoying the outdoors.

Shade cloth blinds allow you to enjoy the warmth without being subjected to the intense direct heat. Zipscreen sunshade blinds offer the additional benefit of being able to block insects out of alfresco areas, as well as protecting you if the weather should turn.

What many people are not aware of is the versatility of external shade blinds. They can be used not just on outdoor verandas, but in pergolas, on balconies and on the outside of windows as an energy-efficient alternative to outdoor shutters and awnings.

Energy Efficient

External shade blinds are extremely effective in reducing home and office heat gain through windows. While internal coverings can reduce heat gains by as little as 15 per cent, external sun protection devices - for example shade cloth blinds - reduce heat by 70 - 85 per cent.

Year-round efficiency can only be achieved with adjustable sunshade blinds. These allow warmth in during the winter months, whereas fixed awnings or pergolas over windows block this needed light.

In practice, this means that external shade blinds are a year-round energy efficient option, saving you money on heating and cooling around the home or office.

Block the Heat, Not the View

Mesh shade cloth blinds - whether used to shield outdoor areas or windows - are unique in their ability to let you enjoy the sun without being subjected to UV light. Mesh screens block UV rays, protecting your skin and reducing the fading impact of sunlight on furnishings and more, while still letting you enjoy the view.

You can also completely block out sunlight and get total privacy with blockout sunshade blinds.

For more information on alfresco area and window coverings, contact your nearest Zipscreen supplier.